Mr. Alan Langworthy BSc(Hons)

Mr Langworthy established, and was the Managing Director of Powercorp Pty Ltd, a power system engineering company whose technology was used to enable remote communities to have power almost entirely from renewable sources. This company invented hyper-cycling grid stabilising technology in the MW power range to ensure utility grade frequency and voltage control during periods of high penetration of wind and solar energy. This technology was deployed around the world including at the Antarctic bases of Mawson and McMurdo. The company was sold to ABB in 2010.

Mr Langworthy has specific expertise in the connection of intermittent and variable renewable energy sources into soft grids. This expertise includes the regulatory and rules based connection environment as well as technology for stabilisation and energy storage.

Mr Langworthy is currently the Managing Director of Langworthy Consulting Pty Ltd, focused on remote area power systems, microgrids, renewable energy systems and network integration.

In 2010, Mr Langworthy was awarded the Clunies Ross Award from the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering, which recognises Australia’s pre-eminent scientists and engineers, for his lifetime work in renewable energy.

Mr Langworthy was a National Senior Finalist Australian of the Year in 2010.

Mr Langworthy was the Executive Manager, Renewable Energy Division with the National Energy Office of the Commonwealth Government from January 1981 until December 1988 before moving into the private sector to establish several companies in the renewable energy space, culminating in the formation of Powercorp Pty Ltd.

Mr Langworthy has a background in Geology having worked as a graduate hard rock geologist throughout Australia and the Antarctic.