Roadmap to Renewables report

The Northern Territory (NT) Government is committed to producing 50% renewable energy by 2030 for electricity consumed by Territory households and businesses, while at the same time ensuring secure and reliable electricity at least cost to consumers and taxpayers.

An independent expert panel was commissioned to advise and provide a report on viable options to reach the renewable energy target taking into consideration technical, financial, operational and economic issues. Chaired by Mr Alan Langworthy, the expert panel members included Mr Greg Bourne, Ms Amanda Mckenzie, Mr Owen Peake, Mr Lyndon Frearson, and Ms Katherine Howard.

The Roadmap to Renewables report was delivered to the government and was released on 27 November 2017 together with the government’s response.

The report provided 11 recommendations to guide government to achieve the target. The government supports or supports in-principle each of these recommendations.

The government is undertaking detailed technical, economic and financial analysis and modelling to support implementation that ensures a reliable, secure and least cost (for consumers and taxpayers) electricity supply for the NT as it progresses towards the 50% renewable energy target.

Download the Roadmap to Renewables report (PDF 1.5MB)