Desert Knowledge Australia - Intyalheme Centre for Future Energy

The Northern Territory (NT) Government has committed funding of $5 million over three years to help establish a centre of excellence in renewable energy in Alice Springs. With the support of the NT Government, the Intyalheme Centre for Future Energy has been established at Desert Knowledge Australia, to assist in meeting the government’s commitment to the renewable energy target. Intyalheme, pronounced in-char-lum, is an Arrernte word meaning ‘a fire starting up again’.

Alice Springs has a long history of renewable technology uptake, with an international reputation for solar energy. The Intyalheme Centre provides a focal point for bringing this experience and expertise together, for the benefit of the town and the Territory. By fostering partnerships and encouraging collaboration, the Intyalheme Centre for Future Energy will continue to grow the reputation of the NT as a leader and innovator in renewable energy technologies and practical integration.

The Intyalheme Centre is governed by a consortium of five partner organisations: Desert Knowledge Australia; the Department of Primary Industry and Resources; Ekistica; Power and Water Corporation; and, Charles Darwin University.

The centre is working across three main focus areas: delivering collaborative projects that conceptualise and validate future grid options (technologies, systems, networks, commercial and market partnerships); being a conduit (facilitating connections, providing advice, linking projects and people); and, sharing knowledge (community education and engagement, disseminating targeted information to enhance renewable energy capability).

Intyalheme Centre for Future Energy’s core activities include:

  • knowledge sharing
  • relationship and network facilitation
  • industry partnerships and commercialisation
  • community education and engagement
  • human capacity and skills
  • testing new and emerging technologies
  • research and development.

Through its research and development activities, Intyalheme Centre is targeting local, national and global opportunities. The growth and success of the Intyalheme Centre is expected to have positive flow on effects to the NT for many years to come.

For more information go to the Intyalheme Centre for Future Energy website.