Centre for Appropriate Technology

The Centre for Appropriate Technology Limited (CAT) is a not-for-profit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander controlled business. The Northern Territory (NT) Government has funded CAT to deliver a publicly available, investment grade renewable energy resource database with an interactive web-based interface, fed by new and upgraded meteorological stations in Alice Springs, Katherine and Darwin.

Attracting and accessing low-cost finance for large scale renewable energy deployment hinges on de-risking projects. A key means of doing this is high quality meteorological data, which is fundamental to the development of high-certainty generation profiles for all renewable energy technologies, which is in turn a cornerstone to developing bankable project financial models.

Through this project CAT will provide access to high-quality 'bankable' meteorological data for a range of renewable technologies including solar photovoltaics, concentrating solar and wind.

The data will be made easily accessible to potential investors, researchers, developers and others in the renewable energy industry. The database will provide a reliable baseline on renewable resource and thereby reduce potential and perceived risk and encourage and facilitate investment in renewable energy in the NT. This will provide key information that will help de-risk investment in renewables in the NT and thereby drive scaled development and deployment of renewables across the Territory, assisting the Territory to reach its 50% renewable energy target.