The NT Government has committed to adopt a target of 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030. The commitment includes commissioning advice from an independent panel of experts chaired by Mr Alan Langworthy to inform a ‘Roadmap to Renewables’ report to provide government with advice, options and recommendations on how best to achieve the renewable energy target.

The Roadmap to Renewables project will be delivered in four stages.

Stage 1 - Establishment of the Expert Panel

Stage 2 - Development of the Roadmap to Renewables Report and presentation to Government

Stage 3 - Development and publication of the Renewable Energy Strategy based on the Roadmap to Renewable Report

Stage 4 - Implementation of the Renewable Energy Strategy

The first stage has been completed and the Expert Panel is currently in the process of undertaking research and talking to government agencies and stakeholders about Northern Territory’s electricity sector. This will enable them to gather a comprehensive understanding of the Northern Territory’s unique context and challenges.

The Expert Panel’s Roadmap to Renewables report will be presented to Government in mid-2017.